Sneaky Sewing and Something New

So I, as normal, am working on so many projects.

The Marketing Determinants

I’ve got a quilt ALMOST done, I just have to quilt it, which I’ve got a long running blog post that I plan on posting once it’s finished and shipped off.  It’s a Fancy Forest quilt, and it’s absolutely precious.  You may have seen it on my Instagram coming together.

I have a different quilt on my design wall which is still in the cutting process.  There’s like, 30 fat eighths to cut up, I think I’m about halfway done?  Maybe?  It’s going to look really fantastic, but I’m worrying that I won’t have it finished in time for how I want to give it.  Fingers crossed.

This is all I can show right now, which is probably too much!

I have a mini quilt that’s “in design” which I actually had my friend Meghan’s daughter help me with while they were visiting over the weekend.  I have a hard time breaking away from rainbows, because hello, I just love them so much!  So I drew out what I wanted to do and I asked her to color it in for me.  I think she did a great job! 🙂

I also have another quilt that is in my head, I think will come together quickly, and I’m just waiting to get the fabric at this point.  I consulted with the devil to find a baby quilt that I kind of had in my  head and found (mostly) what I was thinking.  Sometimes it comes in handy, sometimes.  Ole Pinterest really brings my fuzzy thoughts into focus. 🙂

On top of this I still have all my Etsy sewing to work on, which is just never ending!  I just wrapped up another quilted bag, and I’m always thinking of something new!  I’m opening a second Etsy shop this Summer which will have “string journals” or as they’re commonly known, fauxdoris.  They’re “faux” because they’re a take on the Midori Traveler’s notebooks, which are made out of leather and are made in Japan.  Since my fauxdoris will be made of fabric, my shop is called FabricDori.  I’m really excited about getting it going, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun once the ball gets rolling over there.  If you’re interested in checking things out, I’ve already got a Facebook page up and an Instagram so you can see what I’m working on and what I’ll post in the shop.  I’m hoping to have it open by July or August, so keep an eye out!

I really like planners, planning things, journals and lists and just generally trying to keep track of anything I can.  Since I got sick two years ago, my memory is shotty at best.  It was like a lightning strike to my brain, so writing down everything I want to make sure I remember REALLY helps me out a lot.  Don’t worry, other than this I’m fine!  Recently I even got a One line a Day: Five year journal and I’ve been filling it in every day with just some happy little memory, of if there isn’t one just some recap of the day.

Something else I like is watching a lot of YouTube.  Silly I know, but if I don’t have something on Netflix to watch while I’m sewing I’ll find a channel and indulge.  I believe I currently have 49 YouTube subscriptions, which, I know, okay?  I know how silly it is.  They don’t all make something consistently, and some of them kind of overlap, like one person will have two channels.  So when I’m not watching other people play video games (because I don’t have time to do one of my other favorite hobbies!  Plus hey, this is way cheaper!) I watch other people being creative.

I like watching Bob Ross, even though hello, that’s kind of distracting.  He’s over there, spouting off little stories about taking out the trash, trees having friends and squirrels, waving those brushes and knives around and bam, there’s a beautiful little landscape out of NOWHERE!  I also like watching a channel called My Life Mits, about a woman who is from Canada who lives in Japan with her husband and young son, and she does unboxing videos for stationary boxes, planning videos, tutorials about different design elements you could use in your different types of planners, and recently she’s been doing some journaling by 5’s videos, which are really neat!  So watching all of these creative channels really help me keep the juices flowing.  It also made me want to branch out and get into more creative outlets.  I used to journal a lot as a kid, and I like painting but it was never convenient.  However with a small system, I’ve found a way to fit both in, being creative in a small space and keeping my memories!

Since this year I’m in a lot (A LOT) of craft fairs, and I want to really document my experiences in all of them.  So I’ve made a Fabricdori with a couple of notebooks in there where I’m having people sign when they come to visit my booth, (which is so funny, and kids love!!!!) an art journaling section, and a third that I  haven’t quite figured out yet, but I’m working on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you make it out to one of my fairs this year, come say hi and sign my little book!  If anything else it’ll make me smile.  What kind of things do you do to keep your creative juices flowing?  Let me know!

If you’ve made it this far in this post, you really deserve a prize! 🙂  Until next time, happy sewing!


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