Updates on my WIPs

As you know, I’m always working on a lot of things!

Here’s the list of works in progress I have right now in order of most completed to least completed:

Moda Love quilt:

This monster is about 72″ squared.  And yes, I’m free motion quilting it on my little Brother sewing machine.  Luckily I have almost half of this thing quilted already!  I may have snuck some hidden things into the quilting. 😉  I’m using some left overs from this layer cake to make some super scrappy binding, which I think is going to be REALLY cool!

Baby “L” quilt:

I have my top finished, and I have the back mostly finished.  Then all I need to do is quilt and bind and it’s ready to go!  I really liked how simple this was.  I may have fretted too much over the placement of the random blocks a little too much, but I like how it’s turned out!

There’s progress since here, but I haven’t taken any pics no!!!

Nautical Crossing quilt:

This won’t be so difficult to finish off, I have the backing fabric and binding fabric, I used the batting I got for it for the Moda Love quilt though (oops) but I needed it finished faster than this one.

I’m happy with how this turned out so far!

I’ll be out at the Coopertown Barrel Festival (trying to stay dry!) this Saturday, if you came by to say hi that would be cool!  Until then, I’ll be sewing away!!  Happy sewing!


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