So many Quilts

I will finish this quilt this week.  I keep telling myself that.

I have my Moda love quilt under the needle right now.  Thursday night, I FINALLY finished the quilting!  I was so excited.  I kept going into my sewing room singing Europe’s Final Countdown, because it was entirely appropriate.

final countdown
Al is always looking at me like what is wrong with you?!

I’m working on sewing up the binding right now (Thursday), which is made of half square triangles from layer cake slices left over from the layer cake Fancy from Lily Ashbury.

This rainbow speaks to me ❤

I have really liked making these last couple of quilts, these big one block quilts.  I am really happy that I’ll have another quilt ready for my next craft fair.  I’m also happy that it’s a big quilt!  Sure, it’s not a full bed size, but it’s bigger than a baby quilt, and that’s a big deal haha!

Reactions to progress: Oh, that’s nice, who is that for? “it’s…for sale” WHAT?! *pointing at stippling* What is that?!  You DID that?!  I thought it was glue or something!!  Oh my God I bet that took forever!  Will this be ready for the next fair?!  Get in there and finish this!!! 

Al is going to hate to see this go, but I’m excited to finish a big quilt this year.  I’ll  finish another big quilt this year, and probably two more baby quilts!  Good thing I’m already done with two of those quilt tops! 😀

I also finally got some plans down for another quilt, but I’ll save that for another post.   Until then, happy sewing! 🙂


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