So many things have happened in the past week.  Good, bad, it’s all going on all the time.

I’m just going to run down a few things; while they could all be their own blog posts, I just need to get all these things out.


So…there is still so much coming out about from last Saturday night/ Sunday morning’s violent attack.  I was genuinely shocked.  You’d think as an American that sees a new mass shooting roughly every 60 days that I would be deadened to this, but I am not.  I’m just mad, (sheez what else is new) and I wish I could do more.

What I am doing, as well as my guild, (which I am so proud of), is making quilt blocks this Saturday at our guild meeting to donate to the Orlando MQG who is making quilts for the victims and their families.  If you want to participate, here is the information on where to send your hearts.  The pattern we’re using Saturday is the Cluck Cluck Sew heart block, and we’re making the 10″ blocks.

Thank you for putting this together, OMQG!  I wish it could have been under happier circumstances!

If I could say anything to those victims and their families, I’d tell them that I am so sorry that people are so awful and hateful.

Lo siento mucho que la gente es tan horrible y odiosa.

Moda Love Quilt

I finished quilting and binding this beautiful, colorful, bright quilt this weekend and got it washed and I absolutely love it to pieces.  It is SO HEAVY!  I mean, most of the quilts I’ve made have all been baby quilts so of course it feels heavy in comparison.  I’m really happy how this has turned out!  This scrappy binding is SO cute!!!

QuiltCon 2017

So, as I’ve mentioned I’m in the Music City MQG, and that is a part of the national Modern Quilt Guild.  Every year they have a big convention called Quiltcon.  Much like ComicCon or DragonCon or VidCon or whatever else the kids are into these days, it’s a big multi day event where people all get together from all over the country (and the world!) to revel in what they love.  This is a 4 day event with classes, lectures and a large quilt show.  I applied to be in the quilt show for the 2016 QuiltCon and didn’t get in, but I’m not mad. 😛  Anyhow, in May an email went out asking for super volunteers.  What is a super volunteer?  How are they different from a regular volunteer?  Beats me, but in my typical fashion of signing up for everything in hopes of being picked, you bet I signed up.  And I got an email on Wednesday that said basically ‘Congratulations!  See you in Savannah!’ so I then proceeded to lose my mind.

What?  Is this even my email?  What?!

Full disclosure, I originally joined my guild when there was a Sew Down (sort of a mini QuiltCon) and members could get in at a discount.  I stayed because I like my guild so much. 🙂  That was over 2 years ago, and I’ve been wanting to go to a big event like this ever since.  To finally get the chance to go to something like this is absolutely a dream come true.  It’s like wanting to go to Disney World, you know if you want to go.  I mean I went to Disney and all I could think as a teenager was “wow everything is really expensive” and I didn’t have a great time*, but if YOU like Disney, this is how you would feel.

Anyhow, I don’t know what I’m going to be volunteering to do, or what I’ll help to do, but I’m really excited!!  Room booked, dates reserved, done and done!!  Are you going, too?  Let me know!  Maybe we could have a meet up!!  How cool would that be!!


Saturday as soon as I leave the guild meeting I’m going to be setting up at the Westhaven Porchfest in Franklin, TN!  I’ll have my newest quilt out there ready to go before it’s available on line!  I’m going to try to also have a few new Al’s Pals ready!  The event starts at 3 and goes through 10pm, so come out and say hi, I will be out there, somewhere, under my tent, trying to stay awake way past my bedtime.

Until next time, happy sewing!

*Note….I did enjoy Space Mountain.


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