July Craft Fair

This month I participated in the Edgefield Craft Fair and Flea.

So, being perfectly honest I had no idea what to expect from this event.  I knew it wasn’t a really big one, but that was about all I knew!  I don’t know the area very well, besides that it was in East Nashville.  I was also kind of in a “whatever” kind of mood the night before, because I have shot 3/6 so far in fairs this year.  I got out to the lot around 7am, and there were already a few people setting up.  Little did I know, this was it.  The space would probably hold 30 or maybe even 40 tents, but because of the time of year there were 13 of us.  Thirteen.  One, Three.  Again, I really didn’t mind.  Of the 13 people, I recognized a few of them, and I even had a little help getting my stuff out and set up.  (Thanks, guys!)

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I was in a spot that I wasn’t quite sure which way I was “facing” and I feel like I kind of blocked myself off a little bit.  I normally use my quilt tops like tent walls, but only one other person was using tent walls, and I felt like I was in a little bit of a cave.  I eventually took a couple of them down, mostly because I was blocking a breeze and it was getting a little stuffy in my tent.  Despite that, I really liked my set up.  I sucked it up last month and got a second little table, and it made a huge difference.  I also moved my little wagon under one of my tables, trying to make that side less blocked off.  The only thing was I had zip tied my peg board to the tent, and I only had those three zip ties, so I couldn’t just move things around to where they’d be in a better spot and open up that “entry.”

The only new item I ended up having ready for this fair was a little green dinosaur.  This little guy is so stinking cute.  He looks a lot like Reptar from Rugrats, which was completely unintentional.  I guess my subconscious brain put those colors together.

His name is Reptar!  Hear him ROAR!

I wasn’t sure about the day, since it was supposed to end at 4pm and by 12 people were starting to pack up and leave.  I don’t blame them, it was really hot and there were very few people out.  Funny enough, the people who were out all seemed to be playing Pokemon Go.  And they were all on the yellow team…which, what are they even thinking? (Team Mystic forever!!! HAHAHA!)

However, by the end of the day I ended up selling a baby quilt, (which, that alone was amazing) one of my Al’s Pals and a little purse to a tiny little diva.  She needed it though.  She really needed it.  I’m just glad she had such a nice pop that pointed the purses out to her.  She also saw the dinosaur, and thought he was so cool.

This fair was pretty great for me!  It was the perk I needed to get me out of the dumps.  I’m taking August off for fairs, and the next fair I’ll have will be right back here in September!  I’m hoping to have a few more things ready to go by that time.  Maybe give Reptar some friends?  Probably another baby quilt?  Something!

I hope you’re all having a great week!  Until next time, happy sewing!


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