Shop Hop Tips Part 2

Last week I shared a post about how to organize a shop hop for your group.  This week is about how to plan for shopping on a shop hop!

Shop Hop Tips PART 2

Last year was the first time I’d participated in a shop hop.  I kind of went into it with the ravenous excitement that one can only have when you’re going to spend a whole day going from store to store buying fabric.  This year I decided to take a more controlled approach.  Here are my shopping tips for a shop hop.

Make a Plan

Buy what you need

I have three quilts that are mentally works in progress right now.  I have a secret quilt, a personal quilt, and a third quilt for my shop that’s mostly finished, it just needed backing and a border.  Knowing all of that, I made a list of what all I needed to be on the lookout for on our trip.

I’ve already cut up some of my haul, oops!

Get the best deal

Different shops give you different discounts.  Two gave us 15% off, one gave us 50% off certain things, etc.  A couple didn’t give us a discount, so I went in knowing I probably wasn’t going to buy anything at those two.  It never helps to look though, for future reference.  One of those said shops has a biannual 50% off sale, so it’s good to know that maybe later they may have something I’d need.  One shop…never has sales…however they  have things you can’t find online anymore…because it’s all buried in a weird “system” that shop uses.

Leave what you just “want”

Okay, maybe this was just me.  I saw a lot that I just wanted, no need for it but I just wanted to buy it so bad.  I am working hard on just busting through my stash and making with what I have on hand, so I put back a lot of things that I knew I didn’t need, even if I wanted them.  By the end of the day I was glad, because just buying what I needed still left me with a hefty dent.

That being said…

Look at things you weren’t really looking for, like notions, rulers, markers, etc.  I picked up a free pattern at one shop, because one can never have too many patterns, and a fabric marker.  It never hurts to have a few new tools in your bag!


Take a Treat

If you know you’re going to be in a car for a while with a bunch of people, bring a treat!  Marcia brought along Moonpies for our van!  Thanks, Marcia!

van pic

Have fun!

Don’t worry too much about trying to keep up with anyone else shopping, or think you’re buying too much compared to anyone else!  I didn’t bat an eye when I bought nearly four yards of purple!  Also, while we were downtown I saw a lot of Pokemon, and instead of rushing into the shop, Katie, Debby and I went on a little bit of a hunt!

All in all, hops are supposed to be fun and not stressful.  They’re just one of many perks that you can take advantage of being part of a guild.  Don’t stress, keep a level head and have a blast!  And join a guild, if you have one around you.  Or make your own guild!  It’s a lot more fun when you have a group to grow and learn with.  Until next time, happy sewing!


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