July Craft Fair

This month I participated in the Edgefield Craft Fair and Flea.

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Uncle Bobby

Uncle Bobby

My Uncle Bobby passed away this Sunday. He was 59. He was such a fantastic person, family member, uncle and friend. He always had a smile on his face and something nice to say.  I remember him saying, after everyone was shocked at how much older than me my husband is (it’s like, 9ish years people, come on!) that it was perfect, because he was out of all that young man mess and established in life.  Bobby never married, well, as far as I know he’s always just had girlfriends. He loved hunting, gardening, and going to the casino.  I remember the first time he gave my mom some deer meat, and we did NOT want to eat that! (hello, Bambi?!) But…then we ate Bambi burgers…and it was the best thing I’d ever had. He grew these big tomatoes in his little garden. I can’t eat tomatoes, because they break my face out, but everyone always praised his tomatoes, so I’m sure they were spectacular. He had a small paint and body shop that he ran out of his home. Any time I had any kind of car situation he would help me out the best he could. He also taught me some tips about car care, like if you get a chip in your windshield to put clear nail polish in it before it spreads then it will seal it up.  He had this great car called a Scout.  He’d completely redone the inside, painted it this cool dark orange color and painted these mountain looking things on the side.  It looked so great.  He used to have these two white German Shepherds that would scare the life out of me! When you’re as small as I am, and you see two giant white dogs who is barking like they’re going to eat your soul *iip!* you wouldn’t go in there either. (I wonder if Al thinks he’s that scary.)  I also remember being really little and thinking that my uncle was actually the country singer, Aaron Tippin. It must have been that mustache.  The only fault he had, I suppose, was that he was a typical man when it came to taking care of himself. Last week we thought the worst that could happen was he would lose his leg. He will be so greatly missed.

Anyhow, sorry that this post isn’t about sewing.  I’ve just been really upset all week.

I have done some sewing this week, to try to pull myself out of this funk.  I’ll probably make a post about that this weekend.

Until next time, happy sewing everyone.